A Pledge of the Good Life

Areopagus, commenced its journey into the world of spa on November 2009. Their unique Japanese massage techniques were their USP as they were the first-ever Japanese Spa in the city. The exclusive therapies proved successful and were loved by many, proving their in their thought an objective which was to create a ‘Temple OF Healing’. Located across Mumbai, Areopagus plans to expand and grow. The interiors of the spa are mesmerizing and composed. The soothing lighting, splendid artifacts, sound of flowing water and soft music will immediately put one at ease and transport into a world of serenity and tranquility. Therapies are innovated with the power of touch for healing physical, mental and spiritual ailment. Touch is powerful healer to de-stress hormones, diminish pain, and boosting the immune system.


The ardent founder Mr Sagar Y Pagar was the brainchild behind the brand. Being the Director of the company, branding, marketing & administration are his crucial portfolios.


Sagar Pagar

He believes that – Inner most recreation in today's life is very essential.

Founder & Managing Director

Swati S Pagar

She is an experienced businesswoman who manages an IT brand also. She is a great asset for Areopagus in handling the strategic decisions for the betterment of the brand.


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