Areopagus, commenced its journey into the world of spa on November 2009. The unique Japanese massage techniques are the USP. Therapies are innovated with the power of touch for healing physical, mental and spiritual ailment. We believe that Touch is powerful healer to de-stress hormones, diminish pain, and boosting the immune system. All the massages are blended from a Japanese ancient therapy "Shaitsu".


The ardent founder Mr Sagar Y Pagar is the brainchild behind the brand. He is the managing Director of the company, branding, marketing & administration are his crucial portfolios. A brilliant squad of marketing, sales & supervisors are also a part of the Areopagus Team.

A Pledge of the Good Life


He believes that – Inner most recreation in today's life is very essential.

Sagar Pagar


She is an experienced businesswoman who manages an IT brand also. She is a great asset for Areopagus in handling the strategic decisions for the betterment of the brand.

Swati S Pagar


She believes that, “Most of us live in constant fear. Fear of life, fear of death, Fear of unknown… Touch is such a powerful healer that it can move mountains.

Buongthangmawi Khawbung

Honorary Director

Vikalp Shah completed his studies in financial backround from University of Nottingham and went on to acquire a his goals with amazing skills of negotiation, which he uses to serve his clients at a better note each time.

Vikalp Shah

Advisory Director

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